Personal Financial Planning
o Personal Financial Statements
o Budgeting
o Cash Flow
o Emergency/”Rainy Day” Funds
o Goal Setting
o College Funding
o Retirement Planning
o Simple and Advanced Estate Planning/Wealth Transfer
o Investment Management
o Wealth Planning

Business Financial Planning
o Financial Statements
o Business Valuation
o Current Ratio Analysis
o Employee Benefits- Analysis and Implementation
o Succession Planning

Investment Management
o Cash Management
o Asset Allocation Planning
o Personal Retirement Plans- IRA’s, Indi 401k, ROTH, etc.
o Individual and Joint Investment Accounts
o Fee Based Portfolio Management
o Corporate Retirement Plans- 401k, SIMPLE, SEP, etc.
o Advanced Executive Compensation
o Retirement Plan Participant Financial Planning and Investment Management
o Retirement Plan Fiduciary Audits

Risk Management
o Individual and Group Health Insurance
o Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)
o Life Insurance- Fixed and Variable
o Annuities- Fixed and Variable
o Individual and Group Disability Income
o Supplemental Insurances
o Individual or Corporate Property and Casualty/Liability Insurance
o Long Term Care and Medicare

Non Traditional Planning
o Lifestyle/Personal Assistance
o Social Media Use
o Website
o Mortgage and Loans