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Enterprise Advantage Portfolios represent a suite of five specific portfolios.  Each represents a different time frame and risk level.  We use our proprietary process for the selection, review, replacement, and re-balancing of investments in each portfolio.  More than 15,000 Mutual Funds are available to the program.  We consider only the top ten by performance.  Funds are then screened by their three, five, and ten year performance, measuring consistency, volatility, manager tenure, and other factors.  Funds are constantly monitored and re-balanced quarterly when appropriate.

Whether your investment goal is long term growth of capital, generation current income, or somewhere in between; an Enterprise Advantage Portfolio can help you meet your objective.

Please feel free to browse the Enterprise Advantage customer brochure and click on the Historic Returns to compare each portfolio’s actual return.

Historical Returns

Enterprise Advantage Conservative

Enterprise Advantage Income and Growth

Enterprise Advantage Moderate

Enterprise Advantage Growth

Enterprise Advantage Aggressive

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